Free Speech and Inclusion: How College Students Are Navigating Shifting Speech Norms
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Developing participant intellectual humility through technology delivered instruction – A proposed model

Juan Marcelo Gomèz, DBA, Nhung T. Hendy, PhD, Nathalie Montargot, PhD|June 28, 2023

This paper proposes an intervention model as a pedagogical tool to develop intellectual humility through the lens of Karl Weick’s (1995) sensemaking paradigm. It discusses the digital learning program Perspectives as an intervention method for instructional delivery. The purpose of our proposed model is to increase participant engagement and learning in becoming tolerant to viewpoint diversity and open inquiry, the hallmark of a liberal education. The model will serve as a key step in future research underpinning the promotion of cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. Beyond the theoretical contributions, this research also provides a methodological contribution by pairing the model with the use of a technology delivered instructional tool.


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