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A psychology-based online learning program designed to foster empathy, strengthen communication, and open people to diverse perspectives.


A Bridge to Constructive Conversations

Perspectives is an interactive online learning program that explores the inner workings of the mind and the psychological roots of our ideological differences. The program provides learners with insights to better understand themselves and others, and it equips them with the mindset and skill set to engage in constructive dialogue across differences.


Content Overview

We’ve distilled rigorous behavioral science research into engaging, practical, and actionable insights.

Flexible & Customizable Learning

Customize the program’s settings to meet the needs of your learning environment. You can use the full program, or you can “build your own” experience.

8 Research-based & Interactive Lessons

Our research-based lessons weave together psychological concepts, interactive practice scenarios, and comprehension quizzes. 

4 Guided Peer-to-Peer Conversations

Learners have the option to meet with a partner up to 4 times for peer-to peer conversations. Guides and exercises are built into the program.

  • Experientially learn about the two systems in our mind: automatic and controlled thinking.

  • Discover common cognitive biases that affect our reasoning, and how this leads people to interpret the same information differently.

  • Gain a practical technique to challenge your cognitive biases and gain more control over your thinking.

  • Explore the underlying psychology behind our moral values and beliefs.

  • Examine how morality develops and why it differs across cultures and individuals.

  • Reflect on your core values, how values influence the issues you care about, and what life experiences influenced your values and beliefs.

  • Explore the differences between a growth and fixed mindset.

  • Discover the value of intellectual humility: the ability to recognize the limits of our knowledge.

  • Gain a set of practical techniques to move away from binary thinking towards nuance and complexity.

  • Explore five benefits of engaging with diverse perspectives.

  • Hone skills to determine "when to draw the line" on engaging across differences.

  • Discover misperceptions you have about people who are different from you.

  • Learn and practice five specific techniques for engaging constructively across differences.

  • Examine the role of contempt in our culture and the danger it poses to society.

  • Gain techniques to "break the cycle of contempt."

  • Uncover what leads conversations to be especially toxic in online settings and how you can overcome these challenges.

  • Learn and practice key skills from cognitive behavioral therapy to gain more control of your emotions in the heat of difficult conversations.

  • Gain a set of practical skills to navigate difficult conversations effectively, including setting an intentional goal for conversations, active listening, non-judgmental questioning, moral reframing, and identifying common ground.

  • Learn how to "troubleshoot" difficult conversations when they start to go awry.

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