Free Speech and Inclusion: How College Students Are Navigating Shifting Speech Norms
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Teaching With Perspectives

Sep 27, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Professional development workshops free to higher education faculty and staff.



This free 60-minute virtual training prepares higher education faculty and staff to successfully implement the Perspectives blended learning program. Participants will receive a complete overview of the 6-lesson course content and optional discussion guides their students will be led through. They will learn about the various ways they can deploy the program within their curricular or co-curricular context, including when to implement Perspectives, assess Perspectives, and support peer-to-peer conversations. The training emphasizes the practical and logistical details of the program.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the content in Perspectives

  • Learn how to logistically integrate Perspectives into your curricular or co-curricular context

  • Become prepared to supervise and support students through the Perspectives program

For questions, please contact Cambriae Lee at [email protected].

Meet CDI’s Teaching & Learning Team

Jake Fay, Ed.D., CDI Director of Education
Jake is an educator at heart with years of experience teaching and thinking about civic discourse. He holds an Ed.D and Ed.M from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MA in American History from Brandeis University, and is a proud graduate of the Shady Hill Teacher Training Course. Read full bio.

Eliza O’Neil, Ed.M., CDI Senior Curriculum Developer
Eliza is an educator, dialogue facilitator, and curriculum writer. Inherently, her work has centered around bringing communities who might never meet together to forge connections and learn from differences. Before joining CDI, Eliza was a program director for Seeds of Peace, where she ran dialogue and facilitation programs and trainings for young adults and educators across the US. Read full bio.

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