Transforming Conflict on College Campuses Webinar Series (Free)

Faculty & Staff Trainings

Our live trainings for staff, faculty, and student leaders support campus-wide dialogue initiatives aiming to enhance student success, strengthen culture, and achieve civic commitments.


Teaching with Perspectives

This free 60-minute virtual training prepares faculty and staff to successfully implement the Perspectives blended learning program in their courses or programming. Participants gain an overview of the course content and best practices for structuring peer-to-peer conversations.


Fostering Dialogue Skills in Students

This half-day training is intended for faculty and staff who want to make dialogue a key component of their course or programming. You'll learn strategies to create a culture of trust, support students' use of dialogue, and intervene in moments of conflict. The cost of this training is $250 per participant.


Facilitator Training

Are you an educator, staff member, or student leader looking to enhance your facilitation skills for constructive dialogue? Our intensive training program is designed just for you. Join us once a month for a semester-long course that focuses on both proactive and responsive facilitation practices. Through hands-on experiences and expert guidance, you'll learn valuable techniques to foster productive discussions in any setting. (Coming soon in 2024!)


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