Free Speech and Inclusion: How College Students Are Navigating Shifting Speech Norms
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Our research-based tools can be implemented across your company to improve your corporate climate, foster belonging, and facilitate constructive dialogue about challenging topics.


The Inclusion & Belonging Challenge

Research demonstrates that inclusion and belonging pays. According to a 2021 BetterUp Study, employees with a greater sense of belonging showed a 56% increase in performance, a 75% decrease in sick days, and a 50% reduction in turnover. But fostering a truly inclusive workplace is easier said than done.

In recent years, divisive social issues have increasingly entered the workplace, making it ever more difficult to build a culture that's truly inclusive of people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and values. At the same time, companies are grappling with how to create a culture that values psychological safety and open dialogue, while establishing appropriate boundaries for workplace discourse.

There are no simple solutions to these challenges, but we're here to help.


Our Solutions


Our evidence-based e-learning program equips employees with the mindset and skill set for constructive dialogue.

Live Trainings

We offer a suite of live trainings for leadership, employees, and in-house facilitators.


Our robust analytics provide you with insights into your culture and enable you to track progress over time.


Our evidence-based e-learning program, Perspectives, explores the inner workings of the mind and the psychological roots of our ideological differences.

The program provides employees with insights to better understand themselves and others and equips them with skills to engage in constructive dialogue across differences. Each 30 minute lesson is adaptive, tailoring itself to meet learners where they are.


In this lesson, employees:

  • Experientially learn about the two systems in our mind: automatic and controlled thinking.

  • Discover common cognitive biases that affect our reasoning, and how this leads people to interpret the same information differently.

  • Gain a practical technique to challenge their cognitive biases and gain more control over their thinking.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Explore the underlying psychology behind our moral values and beliefs.

  • Examine how morality develops and why it differs across cultures and individuals.

  • Reflect on their core values, how their values influence the issues they care about, and what life experiences influenced their values and beliefs.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Explore the differences between a growth and fixed mindset.

  • Discover the value of intellectual humility: the ability to recognize the limits of our knowledge.

  • Gain a set of practical techniques to move away from binary thinking towards nuance and complexity.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Explore five benefits of engaging with diverse perspectives.

  • Hone their skills to determine "when to draw the line" on engaging across differences

In this lesson, employees:

  • Discover misperceptions they have about people who are different from them.

  • Learn and practice five specific techniques for engaging constructively across differences.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Examine the role of contempt in our culture and the danger it poses to society.

  • Gain techniques to "break the cycle of contempt."

  • Uncover what leads conversations to be especially toxic in online settings and how they can overcome these challenges.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Learn and practice key skills from cognitive behavioral therapy to gain more control of their emotions in the heat of difficult conversations.

In this lesson, employees:

  • Gain a set of practical skills to navigate difficult conversations effectively, including setting an intentional goal for conversations, active listening, non-judgmental questioning, moral reframing, and identifying common ground.

  • Learn how to "troubleshoot" difficult conversations when they start to go awry.

Live Trainings

We offer a series of live trainings, including experiential workshops for leaders, capstone sessions for employees, and train-the-trainer sessions for in-house facilitators. Our trainings provide participants with practical, research-based skills for facilitating constructive dialogue about challenging topics.



Our robust analytics reports can help you diagnose challenges in your corporate climate and track improvement over time. We work with you to tailor our assessments to capture the metrics you care most about, whether it's inclusion & belonging, psychological safety, comfort working across differences. 


Easy Implementation

Our tools can be implemented in a variety of ways across your company.

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    New Employee Onboarding

    Our tools can be incorporated into your employee onboarding to help set the tone for communicating across differences.

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    Leadership Training

    Managers and emerging leaders can complete our training to gain competencies to lead diverse teams effectively.

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    LMS Integration

    You can add our e-Learning program to your LMS and make it available to all employees throughout the year.

Measurable Impact

Our research-backed solutions have a track record of creating meaningful impact across a variety of sectors.

of Learners Improved Communication Across Differences
of Learners Improved Their Teamwork Skills

What People Are Saying

I'm more aware and feeling equipped to navigate challenging conversations with teammates.”


[Perspectives] has helped us increase the skill and capability of our current and future leaders to know themselves better so they can lead others more effectively."

Director of Leadership DevelopmentTEKsystems

I thought that the format of the program was really great, very digestible. Easy to work into your day. And I was just really struck by the quality of the information."

MemberGovernment Finance Officers Association

Ready to Get Started?

For organizations with more than 100 employees, we offer a suite of evidence-based tools with advanced admin features and security at scale.

For individuals, teams, or organizations with less than 100 employees,
you can purchase licenses for our Perspectives program at $149 per license (*1 license = 1 person). Contact us to learn more about bringing CDI's evidence-based resources to your organization.


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