Free Speech and Inclusion: How College Students Are Navigating Shifting Speech Norms
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Sitting With Conflict: Redefining the Goal of Dialogue

For: Higher EdVideoThis webinar provides higher ed staff ways to reframe campus conflict as normal and valuable for learning and growth.

Engaging in dialogue doesn't always lead to a kumbaya outcome — and the expectation shouldn't be that it will. Building a culture of dialogue starts with changing how everyone on campus relates to conflict and each other; this means framing conflict as both normative and an important opportunity to learn and grow.

During this webinar, we'll present recommendations for higher ed leaders to shift this cultural mindset and hear from leaders adopting new approaches to transform their campuses. From small-scale and immersive to broad and campus-wide, we'll discuss a variety of student, staff, and faculty efforts. Participants will find out about the challenges and successes leaders encounter in doing this work and build on the lessons they've learned.




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